A Letter from Cole

Dear Neighbors,

I know you are ready for the campaign season to be over. Believe me, my family and I are right there with you. As we approach Election Day I wanted to let you know what I have learned in this campaign.

Even with the personal Continue Reading..



Cole Ballweg Wins Firefighter Endorsement!

Bi-Partisan First Responders Back Pro-Business Democrat

ARLINGTON – Citing his commitment to public safety, the Arlington Professional Firefighters announced that it is backing Cole Ballweg for State Representative in House District 94.  “Cole Ballweg’s commitment to public safety and Continue Reading..


Over the past few days, Tony Tinderholt has reminded us, yet again, that he intends to run a campaign based on angry rhetoric devoid of substance, or as it turns out, even 30 seconds of research.  Mr. Tinderholt, my District 94 opponent, took a trip to the border region over Continue Reading..

Divorced From Reality

A longtime observer of Texas politics, Paul Burka, wrote that the Republican Party platform that came out of their convention “ignores the legitimate needs of the state.”  I couldn’t agree more.  What we saw was a classic case of inmates running the asylum, and Continue Reading..

Downright Scary


Let me get this out of the way:  I don’t have a problem with “Open Carry”.  My priority is to keep guns out of the hands of people who do not follow the law or are mentally ill.  Those people can easily obtain a gun with no background check Continue Reading..

Why I Voted YES

I voted YES in the Arlington ISD bond election.  This will serve as my first recorded vote in an election where no incumbent has to answer for a legislative record.  My opponent likes to post things about his support for teachers on Facebook, but he Continue Reading..