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Texas Economy

As a business owner, Cole knows that great jobs come from smart investments.  His businesses have created over 150 jobs, all of which have paid above a living wage, and he has seen how good, secure jobs can transform families and communities.

Cole’s businesses have thrived by taking the long view.  Far too often leaders in Austin fail to see past the next election, but Cole will seek to make and attract the smart investments that will set Texas up for a brighter future.


As a graduate of Mansfield High School and Texas A&M University, and the son of a High School English teacher, Cole is a proud product of Texas public schools.  Every opportunity in his life can be traced back in some way to the knowledge, friends, teachers and experiences he found through quality public education.

But after massive budget cuts promoted by anti-public education extremists, our schools simply are not the same.  We have seen the impact of larger class sizes and discontinued programs. Parents are angry, and Cole will fight to put Texas schools back on the right path by restoring needed funding, ensuring our schools are safe, promoting policies that teach to every child’s unique ability rather than a test, and finding ways to attract and retain the most talented teachers.


Cole’s entire career has been spent in healthcare.  He has seen firsthand how state policy can impact people’s lives, and he is ready to fight for a healthy Texas.  In a state that ranks 46th in healthcare quality and access there are plenty of opportunities for improvement.  The first step is to move beyond the tired political debate around the Affordable Care Act.

Cole knows the ACA better than most people.  As a provider of health services for patients he has become an expert on the law’s many rules for families and individuals.  As an employer of over 150 people, Cole has also researched every aspect of the law’s economic impact for big and small companies.  With more than 5 million people signed up, the ACA is here to stay, and we should be looking for opportunities to make the law work for businesses and families.

Texas has the highest number of uninsured kids in the nation, but we can cut that number in half by making sure every child eligible to enroll in a program or insurance policy does so. We can help people take responsibility for their own healthcare by making it easier to sign up for coverage, not harder.  We can make sure our tax dollars stay in Texas by joining the 3-year Medicaid expansion program, which is 100% federally funded.

There are smart solutions.  We need smart leadership.

Straight Ticket Voting

Our family has always had differing opinions and lively debates. When I vote, I look at the person and their record, not a letter by their name. To do otherwise would be to give up my independence as a voter and as a Texan.

My opponent is urging everyone to vote a straight Republican ballot. People should ask themselves why. Perhaps he is terribly concerned about what will happen if people vote for the best candidate.

Equal Pay

Gun Control